Gifts in Kind

A donation of goods or services

The Albany County Public Library Foundation accepts donations of goods and services from businesses and individuals.

In-kind donations serve an important purpose for the ACPL Foundation, allowing the organization to lower expenses and give more to the library.

Accepted Services & Goods

The ACPL Foundation is greatly appreciative of in-kind donations including: discounts on printing/mailing, advertising/marketing, legal work, venue space, catering, bar service, sound systems, and entertainment. The organization also accepts donations of items such as: event supplies, decorations, Summer Reading prizes, and items of need for the library. Have an idea for an in-kind service you’d like to provide? Contact us!

Books & Materials

The ACPL Foundation encourages you to donate new or gently used books and materials to the Friends of the Library. Donated items may be incorporated into the library’s collection or sold at a book sale. In-kind donations are accepted at the Albany County Public Library, 310 S. 8th St. Please note: Books and other materials are only accepted when the library is open.

Check the Friends of the Library website for more information on items that are accepted.

To learn more about in-kind donations, including volunteering your time, please contact Executive Director Caitlin White at 307-460-2481 or