What You Help Fund

All Ages Programming

The ACPL Foundation fund raises the entire ACPL programming budget. Here are just a few of the programs you help fund.

Youth Programs:

  • Book Babies
  • Daycare & Family Storytime
  • Kids Lego Club & Maker’s Club
  • YAK! for Teens
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM)

Adult Programs:

  • Book Clubs
  • High Plains Seed Library
  • Speakers and presentations
  • Technology assistance
  • Art programs

Special Events:

  • All Ages Summer Reading Program
  • Visiting authors
  • Exhibits and displays

Library Collection/Materials

The library runs on a materials budget of approximately $60,000-$80,000 each fiscal year. Initially, this may seem like a large budget. In fact, for a library of our size, it is incredibly low.

What does this mean for the library’s collection? It means our librarians are incredibly savvy, using creative ways to combat rising costs. ACPL works diligently to make each dollar count so you can be provided with the most recent materials and a wide selection of items.

Donations to the ACPL Foundation make it possible for each member of our community to have access to free materials. Your financial help in this area encourages lifelong learning, puts books in the hands of our youngest patrons, and provides education and entertainment to all ages.



The ACPL Foundation provides support for technology projects, as needed. Funds from the ACPLF have also been used for staff technology to allow the library team to better facilitate programs and stay up-to-date on continuing education. Major technology updates have been another priority. Most recently, the ACPL Foundation received grant funding to provide tablets and Kindles for library use.


Building Maintenance/Improvements

 The library and the ACPL Foundation are always on the lookout for creative ways to make the current building work well for patrons.

Past donations to the ACPL Foundation helped with the following building projects:

  • Installing air conditioning, new carpet, and ADA compliant doors
  • Updating furniture and exterior spaces
  • Assisting in the repaving of the parking lot
  • Securing grant funding for large-scale projects
  • Renovating the library meeting room and historic Wyoming Room
  • Purchasing a new book/media drop
  • The creation of the Storywalk path around the Laramie Branch

While these large capital projects are important, the basic building maintenance needs are equally, if not more important. The library regularly needs funding to make small repairs, to purchase building equipment, and to be prepared for problems. Donations from our library supporters are vital to keep the building up-to-date and to keep our patrons safe.

Library Supplies

Library supplies are a great example of the wide-ranging needs of Albany County Public Library. This is an operating expense for the library that is unable to be funded by Albany County, but is an expense the library must take on. Library supplies include items needed in the office, but more importantly, are also items needed for processing each item before it is available for checkout. The ACPL Foundation’s continued support of this area is imperative to the library’s day-to-day operations.

Staff Support

The ACPL Foundation understands how important a well-educated, professional, and friendly staff is to the community. While the organization does not support personnel costs, contributions to the ACPL Foundation directly benefit the library staff through support for continuing education. Your donations to the ACPL Foundation allow library staff to stay at the forefront of library trends, to network with other library professionals, and to learn new skills to help to our community.

Innovation @ Your Library

Mini-Grant Program

The ACPL Foundation debuted its Restricted Fund Mini-Grant Program in 2018. To better address areas with a lack of funding, the mini-grant program uses these funds to address needs and projects identified by library staff.

The library’s staff are eligible to apply for funding. The mini-grant program works to facilitate professional development opportunities with staff, teaching skills such as: project management, grant writing, and problem solving. At the same time, the funded projects greatly benefit the library and the community. During the pandemic, the mini-grant program supported the creation of our Storywalk. This features changing children’s stories in weather proof stands around the exterior of our Laramie branch. 

Learn more about ACPL Foundation Restricted Funds.



Sensory Development Projects

The Socrates Foundation of Wyoming awarded ACPL Foundation with a grant to supply the Laramie branch Children’s Area with important sensory development activity centers. They include permanently mounted play stations for children to enjoy individually and in groups. There are also play stations strategically placed around the Children’s Area for a wider selection of interactive learning outside of regular programming times. 



Mural Projects

In 2017, the ACPL Foundation debuted two murals in the library. Both murals were created by local artists through a collaboration with Laramie Public Art Coalition. “A Lemur’s Tale” by Favian Hernandez is located in the Children’s Area. “Do You See What I See” by Diana Baumbach is located in the non-fiction area. See these mural projects in action on our Facebook page.


Community Outreach


Community outreach is an important part of our mission. The ACPL Foundation uses community outreach to raise awareness about the public library and to address needs in our community.

  • Summer Reading Bash – The ACPL Foundation hosts a literacy celebration during the Summer Reading Program. This event is free, family-friendly, and open to the public. Are you interested in volunteering for this event? Contact us!
  • Appreciation Night – Each year, we thank our donors, Friends of the Library members, library staff, and volunteers with a special night in their honor. The event is held on the members only night of the spring Friends of the Library book sale.
  • Fundraisers/Other Events – Check out our upcoming events!


ACPL Foundation Endowment

In March 2008, the Wyoming State Legislature passed the Wyoming Public Library Endowment Challenge. The Wyoming Public Library Endowment Challenge was designed to help all Wyoming county library systems build endowments to help fund our libraries in perpetuity.

From March 2008 to March 2014, the Albany County Public Library Foundation took on the challenge of raising funds that were matched 3:1 by the State of Wyoming. Due to exceptional community support, the ACPL Foundation was one of the first libraries to complete the challenge.

Funds raised from the Albany County community totaled $242,463.00, for a match of $727,389.00 from the state. Thank you for supporting your library through this matching fund program! As of June 30, 2023, the ACPL Foundation endowment totaled $1,370,885.15.

This endowment fund will always be an important asset to the public library. The principal of the endowment cannot be touched, but interest from the fund can be distributed on an annual basis. 

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