Interested in sponsoring more than one Giving Tree item?

Giving Tree #1: Audiobook Cases

Donation: $50


Your donation will provide 10 cases.

 Giving Tree #2: Children’s Area. Art Display

Donation: $150

Picture of art display.

Help Ms. Monica & Ms. Deb display children’s artwork with this display!

 Giving Tree #3: Replace a      Missing Book

Donation: $15


Help the library restock the collection.

Giving Tree #4: Sponsor a Storywalk

Donation: $50


Donate the cost of one weekly Storywalk. A new Storywalk is available weekly outside the library.

 Giving Tree #5: Sponsor a         Book Babies

Donation: $25

Book Babies photo.

Book Babies sessions teach literacy skills to parents and our youngest patrons.

 Giving Tree #6: Sponsor a Storytime

Donation: $25

Storytime photo.

Family Storytime is for preschool-aged children to learn early literacy skills. This program is also offered to local daycares.

Giving Tree #7: Monthly       Website Cost

Donation: $30

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 3.29.15 PM

ACPL pays $30/month for its website.

 Giving Tree #8: Sponsor a        Book Club

Donation: $25


ACPL has several book clubs for all ages.

 Giving Tree #9: Books & More!

Donation: $50


Your donation will assist the library with its book and other materials purchases.

Giving Tree #10: Continuing Education

Donation: $50


Support the library staff by donating toward professional development costs.

 Giving Tree #11: Conference   Room Remodel

Donation: $150


The conference room is being updated to better accommodate small meetings and those needing a virtual meeting space.

 Giving Tree #12: Zoom Account

Donation: $120

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 12.22.59 PM

Zoom is used for programs and meetings. Cover the cost of the library’s Zoom membership for one year.

Giving Tree #13: Take Home Kits

Donation: $75


ACPL has been providing weekly take home kits for teens and children. Help cover the cost of these fun and educational kits!

 Giving Tree #14: Wi-Fi Costs

Donation: $100

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.52.37 AM

Offering Wi-Fi is an important service the library offers. Wi-Fi i s available 24/7 in and outside the library.

 Giving Tree #15: Library Supplies

Donation: $50


ACPL needs funds for materials processing, as well as general supplies.