Staff Evaluation Comments

ACPL Foundation Staff Evaluation Comments from Board Members

Please evaluate the employee on all factors that you have knowledge of since the last performance evaluation. If you do not have knowledge of the employee’s performance in an area, indicate NA.
The extent to which the employee blends job-related education, skills and experience to demonstrate an understanding of the work the job entails. Employee possesses the practical and technical knowledge required of the job.
The extent to which the employee’s work is completed thoroughly and correctly. Required paperwork is neat, accurate, and completed in a timely manner.
The extent to which the employee is willing and demonstrates the ability to cooperate, work, and communicate with coworkers, board members, library staff, and other constituents.
The extent to which an employee is up-to-date on industry/discipline trends and best practices. The extent to which an employee actively pursues opportunities for continued education.
The extent to which an employee is able to prioritize tasks, complete projects by a deadline, and follow procedures. The employee’s ability to understand and quickly adapt to new information and situations.
The employee’s ability to use verbal and written communication effectively for such duties as: proposals, reports, board packets, and evaluations.
The employee’s ability to be punctual, have good attendance, demonstrate good conduct, be courteous to others, and have an appearance appropriate for a workplace.