Banned Books Scavenger Hunt Clues

Links to Clues:

Easy Clues


Medium Clues


Hard Clues

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Instructions for Participation:

  1. To track your results, you’ll submit Google forms. 
  2. You can participate as a family with one tracking form. Or each member of your family can track their own results.
  3. Pick your clues. The difficultly levels are easy, medium, and hard.  *All clue levels are included in this email so different members of your family can pick different sets of clues. All clues, regardless of difficultly level, lead to the same locations.
  4. Click here to go to the Clues page, or choose your clues from  the difficultly levels below.
  5. Figure out Clue 1 to find the first location you need to visit.
  6. If you go to the correct location, there will be a Banned Books Scavenger Hunt poster displayed in a window. This poster will show the cover of a banned book. Each banned book’s title is covered.
  7. To solve each clue, you need to name the location and name the banned book.
  8. Enter your answers, submit the form and then click on the link for the next clue. You can also check to make sure you got the answer right!
  9. You need to solve 12 scavenger hunt clues to win!
  10. On the Google form to track Clue 12, make sure to list all participants to be entered into the grand prize drawing. 
  11. We will email you on Oct. 4 with grand prize results and information on picking up your participation prize.